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25+ Top business jet brands
100+ Business jet types
2000+ Business jets
59888+ Direct flights
500+ International scenic spots
360+ Top lifestyle proposals
187 million+ Chinese high net worth individuals

iFlyPlus LifeStyle

iFlyPlus Lifestyle

Say good bye to long waiting time, overcrowding and delays by civil aviation aircrafts.
Enjoy safe, comfortable, intimate and convenient business jet experience.
Meet both business and personal charter needs.

Point-to-point straight-line and flexible flights by helicopter.
Fantastic cabin view and comfortable seats to meet business travel and entertainment needs.
Helicopter driving activities to explore the sky freely.

From Milan Fashion Week where famous designers and models presented,
to Wimbledon tennis court to witness tennis rivalries,
even star-studded Oscar party, iFlyPlus provides various high-level lifestyle proposals.

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